Smart thermometer for hot tubs


Smart thermometer for hot tubs

The " WiFi Thermometer, Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Remote App Notification Alert, Work with Tuya App" comes in its original box.

It is made of plastic and is well-made. CE and FCC marks are present. The integration into SmartLife / Tuya works without any problems. It is recognized directly and can be used after a short time. The monitoring of temperature and humidity progression is presented very nicely and can be switched between day / month / year.

The device has smart functions, for example With the help of Alexa, you can query the temperature by voice command.

Please note that this thermometer should be plugged into the spa's insulation. It should be in direct contact with fiberglass surfaces from the inside. Do not throw the thermometer into the water.

Get this thermometer for free! What you would have to do:

  • To purchase a fiberglass hot tub model from our production list;
  • To take a photo of enjoying it in your garden;
  • To share the picture and the feedback on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us and send a screenshot to us as proof;
  • And we will send the thermometer to your address free of charge.
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