Log Burner for Hot Tub

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Log burner for hot tub, (22 KW, <1500 l of water)

Introducing our smallest external log burner, designed specifically for hot tubs with a capacity of up to 1500 liters. With dimensions of 400 mm in width, 670 mm in height, and 620 mm in length, this log burner is the ideal choice for space-saving yet efficient heating.

Product Details:

  • Width: 400 mm
  • Height: 670 mm
  • Length: 620 mm

Included in the Package:

  • 2 m chimney with rain cap
  • All necessary connections for straightforward installation

Optional Accessories (available separately):

  • Ash shovel
  • Fireplace fence
  • Glass door
  • Thermometer and pressure relief valve

Easy Installation, Maximum Relaxation: This outdoor log burner not only provides the desired warmth but also ensures a hassle-free installation. The package includes everything you need, from a 2 m chimney with a rain cap to all the necessary connections.

Customizable Features: Make your log burner unique by accessorizing it with optional extras. Choose an ash shovel for convenient cleaning, a fireplace fence for added safety, or a glass door to observe the fascinating dance of flames. The thermometer and pressure relief valve guarantee optimal operating temperature.

Enjoy Relaxation in Your Hot Tub: Our hot tub log burner offers a compact solution for rejuvenating moments in your own wellness retreat. Elevate your bathing experience with our high-quality log burner and unwind in cozy warmth.

Choose Quality, Choose Comfort – Experience Perfect Heating for Your Hot Tub with Our External Log Burner!

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