Small barrel sauna for 2-4 persons

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Experience Intimacy and Luxury with Our Small Barrel Sauna for 2-4 Persons

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Immerse yourself in the unparalleled benefits of our Small Barrel Sauna – meticulously designed for an intimate sauna experience tailored for 2 to 4 persons. Compact yet luxurious, this barrel sauna boasts a mere 160 cm in length, making it an ideal addition to your garden. Choose from our diverse range of 4 distinct designs to elevate your sauna sessions.

Base Design:

  • Glass entrance door for a modern aesthetic
  • Entire back wall crafted from wood for absolute privacy

Half-Moon Panorama Design:

  • Impressive half-moon panoramic glass at the back for a unique ambiance

Full Glass Front Design:

  • Full glass front including a glass entrance door
  • Front wall entirely made of glass for a bright and open feel

Panoramic Window Design:

  • 100% panoramic window at the back for spectacular views
  • Full glass front including a glass entrance door for breathtaking vistas

Customize your small barrel sauna with your choice of spruce or thermowood, tailoring the material to match your preferences. A standout feature is the flexible delivery option – opt for a fully assembled delivery or choose the convenient kit format.

Why Opt for Our 2-4 Person Small Barrel Sauna?

  1. Space-Saving Design: Ideal for small gardens or limited spaces, ensuring a perfect fit for your outdoor oasis.
  2. Diverse Designs: Choose the design that aligns with your preferences, creating a sauna experience that resonates with your style.
  3. Material Options: Pick between spruce or thermowood, allowing you to select the material that perfectly complements your taste and aesthetic vision.
  4. Flexible Assembly Options: Decide whether you want the sauna delivered fully assembled or in a practical kit format, providing convenience based on your preferences.

Embark on the ultimate sauna experience with our 2-4 Person Small Barrel Sauna. Order now and transform your garden into a haven of relaxation and well-being!

Explore our 4 Premade Designs:

  1. Terrace Sauna 160:
    • Glass entrance door
    • Harvia Vega 6 KW electric heater on the right side
    • Perfect for scenarios where the outside view is not the primary focus.
  2. Terrace Sauna 160 with Half-Moon Glass at the Rear:
    • Spectacular rear views
    • Amplifies natural light inside the sauna
    • Elevates your sauna session with breathtaking views.
  3. Terrace Sauna 160 with Front Glass Wall:
    • Ideal for enjoying the front view while bathing
    • A popular and highly demanded option for outdoor saunas.
  4. Terrace Sauna 160 with Front Glass Wall and Half-Moon Glass at the Rear:
    • Maximum light and satisfaction guaranteed
    • Exceeds expectations for a truly outstanding sauna experience.

Decorative parts and doors of the sauna are produced from spruce for enhanced hardness, painted in sauna wood matching color.

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    A nice experience ordering our outdoor sauna from TimberIN. We got a good price, waited for 12 weeks for our sauna to be prepared and it was shipped to us quickly. The process was professional and we were kept informed during its completion.

    Once we received the sauna, we were able to build it ourselves, although most people might need the help of a professional or a friend with good skills in wood or general building to make sure of a good result, however, it is not rocket science and the instructions were good and easy to follow.

    The delivery itself came on a large double pallet and was well packaged. Overall we are happy with our purchase and the service. Thanks, TimberIN!

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Please note that the hot tub would be delivered with an 18 m, 40t truck. Possibility to deliver with a smaller truck (3,5t) in the London area.

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