Getting a wood-fired hot tub is a great investment, but the problem is that you do need to winterize it and ensure it works great during the colder season. Which does bring the question here, how can you prepare your wood-fired hot tub for the winter? There are some ideas you can use, and here you have some of the top tips you can take into consideration at this time.

Blow the air

You will need to flush the water first, then you turn the whirlpool air massage system. What this does is it helps blow air from all the small holes. Blowing the air helps more than you might imagine, it eliminates issues while making sure everything is working automatically and with great results. That’s the thing you want to pursue the most. 

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Drain all the water from your hot tub

The idea here is that water will freeze, and that will have a negative impact on the wood-fired hot tub. In fact, frozen water expands, and it will damage the vessels and pipework quite a bit. Obviously, it doesn’t seem like a lot in the beginning, but as you go along, you will notice that your hot tub gets damaged sometimes beyond repair. You want to clean the hot tub properly and once you do that, it will be totally worth it no matter the situation.

Tidy it up

Why would you need to do that? Ideally, you want to flush the water and ensure that you clean the walls. Doing that helps you ensure that whenever you start a wood-fired hot tub again, it will bring tremendous value and quality, which in the end can lead to some incredible benefits every time. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Keeping the water warm

Some people want to keep water in the hot tub because they get in it despite the low temperatures. If you do want to keep water inside, then you should use a circulating water pump. You should also have an electric heater that keeps the water warm. As we mentioned above, if you don’t have a heater, the water can freeze and that will end up being a problem. We always encourage you to focus on taking your time and making sure that you prevent any frost from appearing in there.

Prepare some cloth bags with soda bicarbonate

It’s always a very good idea to try and use some soda bicarbonate cloth bags. What these do is absorb humidity, and at the same time, you also have a stellar deodorizer. It just doesn’t get any better than this, especially if you want to remove smells and keep the hot tub pristine.


Preparing your wood-fired hot tub for winter is not as hard as you might imagine. With the right preparation and support, you can make it work in no time. We recommend you take all these tips and ideas into consideration, and you will be incredibly happy with the results!

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