Wooden hot tub kits

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Wooden hot tub kits

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If you’re looking to create your own wooden hot tub, then getting wooden hot tub kits is always a great idea. This is a great way for any person that loves DIY approaches to just create their own hot tub the way they always wanted. Not only does it imbue a sense of creativity and value, but the experience itself is a lot of fun and certainly very exciting. It’s just one of the best things that you can ever do, and you will be heavily impressed with the quality and results every time.

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    Attached are two pictures of our tub in situ. Setting it up was a challenge but we have siliconed every joint and it is holding water fine now. Its brilliant and heats up so quickly! We love it and so do our yoga guests.

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1 C type wooden stairs 2 Wooden benches 3 Wooden paddle scaled


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Wooden hot tub cheap model Air bubble massage system with wooden box 3 1 Wooden hot tub cheap model Sand filtration system with big wooden cover box4 1 2 LED for wooden hot tub 2 LED for wooden hot tub

Smart SPA equipment add-ons (WiFi signal required)

Metal parts

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Ash shovel and rake for wooden hot tub Wooden hot tub cheap model Stainless steel cover on the heater 8 1 Wooden Hot Tub Cheap Model Metal Fence On The Chimney heat Protection7 2

Additional parts

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Wooden hot tub cheap model Wooden mini bar 9 1 Wooden hot tub kits thermowood lid Insulated leather lid

Water release type

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Wooden hot tub cheap model Bottom water drain with a stopper 11 1 Wooden hot tub cheap model External water tap 12 1 Wooden hot tub cheap model External water tap Quick adapter for garden hose set 13 1

Type of assembly and shipping

Please note that the hot tub would be delivered with an 18 m, 40t truck. Possibility to deliver with a smaller truck (3,5t) in the London area.

Hot tub shipping map UK Ireland assembled Hot tub shipping map UK Ireland as a kit Hot tub shipping map UK Ireland assembled Hot tub shipping map UK Ireland as a kit

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Multiple sizes to choose from

The great thing about wooden hot tub kits is that you get multiple sizes to work with. It’s very interesting and exciting since you have access to all the sizes you need. Your wooden hot tub can be anywhere from 160 cm to 220 cm, depending on your needs. That means it can have anywhere from 4 people and up to 12 people in total. That means the wooden hot tub kits deliver a lot of versatility and they are designed for larger hot tubs.

You can have a wooden hot tub kit with a heater or snorkel

In addition, you have plenty of versatility when it comes to heating as well. These wooden hot tub kits either have a snorkel, external wood burner or an electric heater. It’s great because you have multiple options and you are always in control. It just helps immensely, and it delivers the type of value and quality you need without being overly expensive.

Luxury round type stairs

The great thing about these luxury round type stairs is that they look amazing and you also get an easy entry inside the hot tub. It’s just amazing to have such a simple system that’s still reliable, dependable, professional and of the highest quality. All you have to do is to give it a try for yourself.

You can get the unit assembled or as a kit

You do have the possibility to get the wooden hot tub already assembled if you want. But if you’re more the DIY type and you want to create it on your own or customize it, you can get it just as a kit. The fact that you can get it as a kit and you do it on your own is amazing, since it gives you more creative control.

Lots of upgrades

It’s possible to add things like LED lights and an air bubble massage system if you want. The main focus here is to have all the creativity and value you expect, while still being able to push the boundaries and come up with creative ideas. It’s always exciting, and the value you get does shine quite a bit.

If you want, you can buy your own wooden hot tub kit right now and create your own hot tub. You get 100% natural wood that you work with and fully customize to create a great hot tub. Plus, you can add a vast range of accessories to really make the hot tub amazing and interesting based on your needs.

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