If you want to install a wooden hot tub, then it’s extremely important to have a very good base. This will eliminate concerns and offer you the results and value you expect. Finding the right location for your wooden hot tub vase is crucial, and there are some tips and tricks you need to follow. With that in mind, it can take a little bit of trial and error to do this right, and here are the things to take into consideration.

Focus on safety

The truth is that you want to make sure that the wooden hot tub base is easy to install and it’s in a safe location. A good idea is to keep the chimney at least 3 meters away from the flammable materials or buildings. So for the most part, the wooden hot tub location should be in an open space without obstructions.

A lot of the time you can add a chimney extension for 1 meter, it will be great and bring in great results and efficiency. Plus, you can prevent any possible that can arise. Also, think about where you want to discharge the water, just to be safe. Ideally you want to water your plants and lawn generously. You want to avoid situations where you flood the neighbor’s lawn. If there’s too much water for your space, a good thing you can do is to connect a hose to the drainage system, as that will certainly help you more than you might imagine.

The surface has to be stable

Remember, the wooden hot tub can have around 2 tons at times, especially when it’s filled with water. Adding it on concrete slabs will help a lot, since it gives a lot of stability. You want to double-check everything for stability to ensure that you can get access to the best results and experience. It will help quite a lot, and it will bring in the value and attention to detail that you would expect every time. That alone can be well worth the effort.

Small details to keep in mind

Using gravel, pavement slabs or a concrete structure will come in handy. The base will deliver good stability and you don’t have to worry about moisture absorption either, which is extremely important to take into consideration here. You also want to keep the wooden hot tub lifted around 10 CM about the ground. This matters because you will have better air circulation. A few concrete slabs tucked under the contact points will do the trick just nicely.

It’s important to know where to add the wooden hot tub and how to take good care of it. That means making sure you eliminate any issues and really focus on stability and safety. It can take a bit of time to do this wisely, but at the end of the day, it works flawlessly and it will bring in all the efficiency and assistance you need. Plus, you will bring in better results with the wooden hot tub if you have great value and stability!

Wooden hot tub on the terrace

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