Outdoor wooden hot tub

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Outdoor wooden hot tub

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It’s always important to have a hot tub where you can go and relax, get past any challenges you encountered, and just enjoy your time. That’s where the outdoor wooden hot tub comes into play. This type of hot tub is amazing, it just delivers all the quality and value you are interested in, and the experience itself is always second to none. All you need is to check it out and you will find yourself enjoying it more than you imagine, which is what you need. The outdoor wooden hot tub also has a vast range of great features and benefits, as you will notice below.

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2 reviews for Outdoor wooden hot tub

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    Review for Haven’t found what you need? Design your own polypropylene hot tub!
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    Dear TimberIN Team,

    Many thanks to the whole team at TimberIN. We are really pleased with our wood burning hot tub. The delivery was on time and efficient, although I would stress to people taking delivery to ensure you have lots of friends to help move it and/or equipment on hand if it needs to go over a fence. We were 9 people in the end who manoeuvred the hot tub into position through a very tight gate hole and it was no easy job.

    We had the tub up and running within hours and have been surprised how often we’re using it even after the initial honeymoon period.

    The quality and craftsmanship are great and unlike other more conventional ‘plastic’ hot tubs we saw it really does look great. So far all members and ages of the family have enjoyed it, from our nephews splashing around over Christmas, to Grandma relaxing under the stars with a drink on hand in the ‘bar’.

    We’re looking forward to many years of fun use to come!

    Tom and Family

    Image #1 from Tom