Round wood powered hot tub

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Round wood powered hot tub

This fiberglass liner is designed specifically for a wound wood powered hot tub with a snorkel heater. Since it is made of fiberglass, the walls are conical and very comfortable. The experience of having this model is always great since the heating time is faster compared with the external wood burner. One doesn't have to get outside to refuel the burner. There is no piping involved therefore one can be sure there will be no problem with the heater`s overburs. This round wood powered hot tub with the snorkel heater will work exactly the way you always expected. On the other hand, this snorkel heater takes space inside the tub, so this model is best suited for ~4 persons.


Technical sheets and 3D visualizations


3 reviews for Round wood powered hot tub

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    Review for Fiberglass hot tub with snorkel heater Wellness Basic
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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    Because of the pandemic we still have not managed to complete the decking/privacy shelter but the temptation to jump in before it is complete was too great!!
    Many thanks

    Image #1 from Rachel
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    We are so happy with our hot tub! We took delivery of it around a month ago, and we loved it from the minute it arrived – more beautiful than we expected. We love the colour, the wood smells gorgeous, and it looks perfect. We are gradually learning how to manage the temperature with the wood stoked fire, but that’s part of the fun, how it is so natural.
    The communication from the day of order to day of delivery was top-notch. Whenever I made contact with you, your reply was almost immediate.
    Your driver was polite and on time (even early!) And helped us place the tub ready for unpacking.
    Overall super service – a real treat for us to enjoy and would highly recommend. *****

    Image #1 from Charlotte
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Round wood powered hot tub accessories and upgrades you need to take into consideration

Wooden lids

The reason you want to have a lid is that it helps to keep any impurities away from your hot tub. On top of that, it makes the hot tub a lot more appealing from a visual standpoint. You feel that it’s fully complete, and that alone can make a huge difference. That being said, the wooden lids react to the sun and steam, so they can get warped in the long run. You still need to offer as much maintenance as you can. This is regular wear and tear that you can expect, and in the end, you just need to take it for what it is.

Top rim decorations

A lot of people go for the top rim decorations because they provide a wonderful headrest. Plus, the round wood powered hot tub will look a lot better, so you are getting the best of both worlds every time. To make things even better, this is also a place for you to put your candles, drinks and other items without a problem. The decoration panels need to stay away from water and direct sunlight, so ideally you want to remove this after taking a bath. This way you can guarantee such accessories will last for quite some time.

Stirring paddle

Why do you really need this type of paddle? The truth is that most round wood powered hot tubs get hot, especially when you are near the stove. If you want to keep the temperature at a certain level, you can use the stirring paddle and stir the water. Normally you need to do 3-4 stirs, so nothing too much. Yet it will still help you a lot, and it has the potential to make the water a lot easier to bathe in.

Air bubble massage system

You will notice a lot of people want this accessory, and the main reason is easy to understand. This is a powerful upgrade for anyone that wants to soothe their muscles and also feel the water moving around their body. This is not a hydro massage system, that’s something separate. The air bubble system will just generate a lot of air bubbles, and you can choose how many are there based on the intensity you choose yourself.

Hydromassage system

This will deliver 6 jets that are fitted at the side of the tub in various positions. They will massage your back and most of your body, and the great thing is that here you do have a water massage, unlike the air bubble system that just makes the water bubbly. So if you really want a true, full massage, this is the right way to do it and it does work quite nicely, which is exactly what makes it so good in the first place.

LED lighting

You can add LED lights to the round wood powered hot tub, especially if you want to use it during the evening. It just delivers a great sense of illumination, and the great thing about all of this is it’s not overly expensive either. So you are getting a very good value and quality for the money, which is exactly what you need in the end. Overall, you will be quite amazed at the value and benefits, so try to take that into consideration if possible.

Chimney heat guard

It’s crucial to protect yourself from any heat damage. Whether you choose an internal or external heater, it’s important to stay away from the extremely hot parts, and that’s exactly what this guard will help you with. It’s very helpful and it will protect you quite a bit.

High flow drain tap

If you want to drain the water quickly and without any worries, this will help a lot. You have a nozzle that can be connected to a hose for fast drainage. It’s a simple process and one that will bring in front of extremely interesting benefits every time.

Natural linseed oil

This type of oil is great if you want your wooden hot tub to maintain its fresh look. This oil can be used annually as wood treatment, and it actually manages to deliver an incredible experience. You don’t have to rely on this often, but it does provide great results.


Even if the minibar is not mandatory, it does have its fair share of benefits. You get to have a place where you can store drinks, snacks, and everything you want. Plus, it’s convenient and really easy to use, so everyone will like it.


We recommend you to use all these tips as you try to create the ultimate round wood powered hot tub you always wanted. Investing in a wooden hot tub is a great idea, especially if you want to unwind and relax. It’s convenient, and you get to enjoy your time with your loved ones, while also relaxing and improving your health naturally!

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