For the real authentic hot tub feeling, you probably think of a wooden hot tub. Relax and enjoy the warm water and a wood-burning fire in a stove. In addition to the wooden hot tub, there is also plastic or fiberglass lined hot tub, such a hot tub has the look and feel of the traditional wooden hot tub, but with a certain inner liner. Such a hot tub with a plastic tub requires a lot less maintenance than a wooden one, in addition, there are other points that you should consider.

Wooden hot tubs

A wooden hot tub must be maintained well. A bath made entirely of wood is 100% a natural product. Since wood is a natural material it shrinks or expands depending on humidity and outside temperature. When the hot tub is not filled with water, the wood will dry out. This will result that the wood around the bath may shrink, which in turn can cause leakage.

If you want to use your wooden hot tub for a long time, it is important to maintain the wood well. With humid weather conditions, it has proved difficult to maintain the hot tub properly.

Due to the large grooves in the wood, the hot tub is also difficult to clean. Dirt penetrates the wood and settles between the seams. A wooden hot tub is often used for a maximum of a few years and needs to be replaced.

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Best Selling Models

Plastic or fiberglass lined hot tubs

Compared to a wooden hot tub, plastic or fiberglass-lined hot tubs have several user-friendly advantages. This type of hot tub is 100% waterproof despite different weather conditions. The plastic hot tub can therefore perfectly stand without water for a longer period.

Because there is a liner in the hot tub, it is also easy to keep clean. The lined hot tub can be cleaned by using soapy water easily. Cleaning and maintenance of such a hot tub are much easier and require much less time.

A plastic or fiberglass hot tub does need much maintenance. The tub is often finished with wood on the outside (wood decoration) to ensure that the hot tub still gives an authentic feeling.

In addition, this type of model can be easily equipped with more fancy things such as water massage systems, LED lighting, and others.

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What should I choose?

The choice of a wooden hot tub or a plastic-fiberglass hot tub is entirely up to you. They both have pros and cons. For example, a wooden hot tub really gives the authentic Scandinavian hot tub feeling but does have a chance of leakage. A plastic hot tub looks more modern, is easy to clean, but is not a 100% natural product.

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