A sunken hot tub is an exceptional investment and it’s also one of the best items you can use for your leisure time. However, installing an inground hot tub like this does take quite a bit of time and effort. But you have to learn how to install this hot tub properly and then you can use it without a problem. Getting to the built-in hot tub result can be a bit hard, but these tips will help you install the sunken hot tub properly and without error.

The hot tub is delivered

Our team will deliver the hot tub to you, it will arrive wrapped and sealed, so there won’t be any type of damage or issues. That helps ensure everything is good to go, and the hot tub will also come with a few accessories too. It helps save time, while also speeding up the installation process.


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Adding a few rocks on the side

The reason why you need to have rocks for the sunken hot tub is because they add stability. Having a few rocks will help quite a bit, you can use them as the stand for the upcoming construction. That’s mandatory if you don’t want the built-in hot tub to move around as you use it. Once you do that, the results can be a lot easier and you will certainly appreciate the way it all flows together.


Placing the first pillar and starting the construction

You will need to add the first pillar onto the rocks, as it’s extremely important to have it set in place and work as expected. Make sure that the first pillar is stable because the entire construction depends on it not moving randomly.


From that pillar, you will have to set the base and ensure it all flows smoothly. Before you add the other wood pieces, you need to ensure that everything is flat, so adding some extra rocks will help make the process cohesive and efficient.


On the side, you will have some pieces of wood where you will be able to add the furnace. Towards the right side, you will need to place wood on the sides, like in the picture, to ensure that you have a great fit for the sunken hot tub. Some measurements are required to ensure everything is working smoothly and without issues.


Adding the hot tub

Now all you have to do is to place the wooden part on top, so you can have a platform to work with. Once you do that, your primary focus needs to be on placing the hot tub on the platform. In some cases, you may need to add extra support under the hot tub. The main idea is to ensure that your hot tub is not moving at all, as otherwise, it can lead to various problems, and that’s something you need to avoid.


That’s why, whenever you install the inground hot tub, you need to check and ensure nothing is moving. Ensuring that there’s enough stillness is very important, as it will help refine the experience and prevent any possible problems or issues that might arise.

Installing the furnace

You will need to install the furnace in the space right near the hot tub. One thing to note here is that you want to have plenty of space to open the furnace because that’s where you will have to add in all the wood. That’s a crucial thing to focus on, otherwise, there can be issues. So you do want to test the door properly and ensure there are no problems.


Another thing to focus on is to ensure that the chimney is pointed properly and it pushes the hot air away. You don’t want it to be directed toward you or the people in the hot tub, because that can be an issue.


Do you need to add a lid?

Yes, in order to ensure that the sunken hot tub doesn’t accumulate any debris, it’s imperative to add a lid if possible. Adding a lid is a great idea because it will keep any dust, dirt, or grime away from your hot tub. Plus, it will make the cleaning process a lot simpler and easier.



The sunken hot tub installation process is not very complex, as you can see. However, installing a built-in hot tub like this will require a lot of attention and focus. It does require some tools and construction, but you need that in order to ensure the base is working properly and without issues.


Which is why we highly recommend these steps shown above, follow our guidelines and pictures. And, if you have any other questions or inquiries, our team will always be here to help, just get in touch. Get your own sunken hot tub today and install it with these simple guidelines!

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